• How to delete AOL trash?

    How to delete AOL trash?


    AOL Mail can be used to send and receive messages from all the available devices. You can use the AOL for different purposes like business or personal.

    You don’t need special skills to operate the AOL mail if you are new to the whole experience. It may look a bit different from traditional mail for the first time AOL user. It offers almost all the features you expect from an email service. And most importantly you can delete the annoying emails from the mailbox very easily.

    The good thing is that AOL mail does offer filters that block the spam mail from coming to your inbox. And if a few of the email sneak through their spam filter then you can delete them pretty easily. You just need to select the email and delete it. Apart from deleting the mail, you can also mark that email as spam to improve the spam filters working.

    After deleting an email from the inbox, it goes straight to the trash folder. Now, you need to delete the email from the trash folder also to completely delete from your account.

    That is pretty easy, and you can even delete all the emails from the trash folder at once. The procedure to delete all the mail at once is not same on all devices.

    Delete the trash on the web client of AOL mail: To delete all the emails from the trash folder you need to follow these steps.

    • Open your default web browser
    • Open the AOL mail by putting the aol.com in the URL bar.
    • Login to the AOL mail with valid credentials
    • Then you need to click on the trash folder which can be found on the left side of the screen.
    • Then you need to select the emails you want to delete from that folder, or you can select all at once. And then click on the delete permanently button to delete them for good.

    Now, all the emails from the trash folder are deleted and you don’t have to do anything post that. But you can contact AOL support phone number if anything goes wrong or you are not understanding something.

    Delete all the trash emails from the iPad: If you are an iPad user and want to delete the AOL trash emails then you need to follow these steps.

    • Open the AOL iPad app, then swipe from the left side of the screen and then click on the mailboxes.
    • Then you need to choose the AOL account and then tap on the account name.
    • Then you need to click on the Trash folder, where you need to click on the Edit button.
    • You’ll find a ‘Delete All’ button, click that button to remove all the emails from that folder.

    See, that was easy, all your emails present in the trash folder in the AOL mail will be deleted. But if you are having any other problems with your AOL account then you need to contact AOL customer support team to resolve those problems. You can contact them if you want to recover AOL account.

    For AOL Account Reactivation click here: https://www.rewardbloggers.com/blog/1437/how-to-recover-or-reactivate-aol-mail-account

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